Other Courses

Please click here for a complete list of training courses offered by SWANA International.

  • Planning & Management:
    • Zero Waste Principles & Practices
  • Landfill & Landfill Gas:
    • Advanced Leachate Management
    • Managing Leachate Recirculation and Bioreactor Landfills
  • Recycling & Special Waste:
    • Construction & Demolition Debris Management
    • Managing Composting Programs
    • Managing Construction & Demolition Materials
    • Managing Recycling Systems
    • Organics Collection
    • Waste Screening at MSW Management Facilities
  • Collection & Transfer
  • Compost Council of Canada


Collecting Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?

Do you require CEUs for your certification?

Continuing Education Unit forms (CEUs) are available at all SWANA Pacific training and conference events. 

Other opportunities for CEUs include participating in webinars offered by SWANA and other such outlets such as Forester University.

Please also see SWANA’s CEU webpage for additional ideas:  SWANA CEUs

Missing a form? Contact [email protected] for more information.