The Pacific Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North America’s mailing and delivery address is:

SWANA Pacific Chapter
PO Box 47007
555 West 12th Avenue
Vancouver, BC  Canada
V5Z 3X0

For information and immediate assistance contact:

SWANA Pacific Chapter
[email protected]
t: 604.379.5156

Chapter Executive Officers and Directors may be contacted by clicking here. For training specific questions, contact [email protected].

SWANA International

SWANA International Staff have offices in Silver Spring Maryland.

SWANA International
8484 Georgia Avenue, Suite 230
Silver Spring, MD 20910
t: 1.800.GO.SWANA (1.800.467.9262)
f: 301.589.7068

Use the following link to access the staff contact coordinate list and find your best SWANA International resource: SWANA International Staff.
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