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Cowichan Valley Regional District – Request for Information

By August 21, 2018 November 6th, 2018 News, Regulatory

The CVRD is requesting information from the market place on methodologies and/or options, including geographically located options for disposing of the region’s waste.

The CVRD will be considering new technologies and/or methodologies that may be available currently or coming on line in the future (2-5 years) for disposing CVRD’s waste. For example, is there or will there be a more environmentally and economically sustainable ways to handle CVRD’s waste than the current systems offer?

Respondents are encouraged to detail their proposed waste handling and disposal systems and should at a minimum specify the type of disposal and hauling options that they could provide for the MSW, including:

  1. The geographical location of the disposal facility/ies;
  2. The methodology for disposing of CVRD’s wastes and the benefits of these method(s) (environmentally, economically, etc.);
  3. Clarify if the proposed disposal facility/ies are ready to accept the CVRD waste volume as soon as 2019, or if not, the Respondents should
    provide an estimated timeline for when it could be accepted;
  4. Any limitations such as annual tonnage limitation, transportation limitation, days and hours of operation, etc.; and,
  5. The potential disposal cost per tonne for the waste(s). The Respondents should clearly indicate if hauling is included in the price
    per tonne. Pricing information should include one (1), three (3) or five (5) year terms.
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