This training course explores the daily challenges associated with the operation and maintenance of LFG systems by discussing generally accepted industry practices as well as some new and alternative approaches for the capture, control and management of landfill gas.

This interactive one-day certificate training course provides a review of the fundamentals of landfill gas systems design, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting, and explores the daily challenges associated with the operation and maintenance of the LFG systems

Who Should Attend?

Experienced landfill operators and consultants new to the landfill gas industry or those with an interest in well head monitoring, system balancing, monitoring equipment considerations, flares and gas field safety will benefit from this on-site learning opportunity.

Course Content

The Landfill Gas Operations & Management training course was designed in house and customized for BC by SWANA Pacific – BC & Yukon Chapter, Sperling Hansen Associates (SHA) and Vancouver Landfill Gas Operators. It will cover both design and operational principles applied in BC, and the basics for those working at a location where there is an active landfill gas collection, utilization and/or destruction.

Topics covered in the LFG course include, but are not limited to:

  • Fundamentals – why and how to
  • Design and operational considerations
  • Safety
  • Systems currently utilized
  • Regulatory requirements (BC specific)
  • System design and planning
  • Monitoring and safety fundamentals
  • Treatment and disposal facility
  • System operation
  • Specifications for LFG to pipeline (SCADA and field site discussions)
  • Facility management and operational challenges


  • No training course available at this time. Please email [email protected] with your interest.
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