2021 President’s Report

Firstly, thank you, members. The work you do is essential. And while rewarding, it can be challenging at times. So thank you for all you do to make our industry great.

It’s been another eventful year of wildfires, floods, heat domes, and new COVID variants. And we know the next few years could prove to be more of the same. So it’s time to start planning for the industry’s resilient future, which means we need to have a plan A, B, C, and D so that no matter what comes our way, we are ready. It’s also time to supplement a resilient defense with a strong offense. SWANA and its members must fight climate change and transition to a more circular economy. This will mean many shifts, including diverting more organics, increasing recycled content for plastics, and recovering more critical earth minerals from electronic recycling. It will also include new technologies and innovations to continuously improve the core responsible disposable function that SWANA members proudly deliver. And, I have every confidence that our members will rise to the challenge.

We have already seen a flurry of local innovation and leadership to fight global challenges in resource management. Some of my favorites include: feasibility of electric garbage trucks in the lower mainland, 3D printed home décor from plastic waste in Kelowna, work on creating plastic from wood waste in Kamloops, a soldier fly farm in Langley, increased metal recovery from electronics recycling in Vancouver, and the illegal dumping calculators in Chilliwack to communicate how affordable responsible disposal is. And I know there are many more because every time I talk to SWANA members they are working passionately to find new ways to improve resource management in their area.

My role as your new president is to make sure you have access to the resources, training, experts, and new ideas that will help you excel at what you do for our industry. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to let me know how SWANA could better serve you. I look forward to seeing you all at the Pacific Northwest Symposium in April 2022, where you can tell me your ideas for the industry in person.

Kind Regards,

Karen Storry
SWANA BC and Yukon Chapter President