2017 President’s Report

It has been a very good year for the SWANA Pacific Chapter. With the new Executive having another year under their belt, we were busy supporting an active training schedule and planning for 2018.

Our Chapter Administrator, Stephanie Moorman kept our books in order and nudged us along with our duties. Thank you.

Our working Committees and in particular our Conference, Training, Membership, and YP members, have all provided new activities and new Board Member involvement.

We want to encourage our Board and membership to take up the challenge of assisting on these committees or engage as a volunteer for their many activities.

The Training Committee team after a year of policy development, organized and delivered multiple courses in many venues, some hosted by our hub learning centers. We are continually challenged with capacity issues particularly in the trainer area. The goal to increase our faculty number, has been partially met with new LOB, MOLO and Eco-Depot Trainers. This has increased our opportunities for our membership to learn and grow.

In order to garner further success, we encourage you to send your staff (or yourselves) to any of our SWANA Certificate courses or become SWANA Certified.

Those of you who keep up with SWANA International news will know that David Biderman, CEO has been in the news supporting SWANA North America and stick handling responses to the China challenge on recycle markets. We believe that Safety Matters and a strong Safety strategic direction has led to ongoing safety posts (weekly) and updates. Please see the update from our Safety Ambassador, Maggie Warren.

We have begun planning for our next Conference and Tradeshow, which will be held on May 17 and 18, 2018 at the beautiful Anvil Centre in New Westminster. Our theme “Change: Where Do We Go From Here?” will bring you the most up-to-date, relevant, and useful news, ideas, and trends in waste reduction, recycling, processing and disposal. We are currently accepting submission of abstracts until mid-December. Please see our website for more details.

We had a very successful year financially, primarily due to an increase in training attendance with our SWANA courses.

It has been a challenging but rewarding year for our SWANA Pacific Chapter. I have been privileged to serve as your President over the last year and I want to thank all of the officers and Board Members for their support. Thanks again.

This 2018 fiscal year will be a new year of challenges for our Chapter. Our board with new officers (Vice–President) and four new Board members are up to the challenge. We look forward to serving our membership.

Mark Watt
SWANA Pacific
BC-Yukon chapter