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Solid Waste Management Planning Guideline Update

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On May 21, 2015 the Ministry of Environment announced that it will be updating the Guide for the Preparation of Regional Solid Waste Management Plans (guideline).  The ministry plans on releasing an intentions paper in September 2015 outlining proposed changes to the guideline, which the public, local government and stakeholders will be able to comment on. In June, the ministry hosted a series of information meetings for stakeholders to present the scope, consultation strategy and timeline for the guideline update.  The Ministry is inviting stakeholders to participate in a webinar where ministry staff will provide an overview of the thematic content of the upcoming intentions paper for  information and consideration.   Please note that the webinar will be focused on intentions around process changes.  Guiding principles will not be part of the webinar content but will be addressed in the intentions paper for consultation. There are three opportunities to participate:  August…

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